announcing (FFD) seeks to transform the way people manage their careers and the way companies hire FileMaker talent -- our entire mission is dedicated to finding the right FileMaker professional to meet your needs. We’re markedly different because our equation is so simple.

Our singular focus is to connect people who are seeking FileMaker talent with people who have built their career around the FileMaker suite of applications, people who know it inside and out. The FFD site makes it simple and easy to find the “right” talent without having to sift through countless listings of companies who may or may not meet the qualifications. The straightforward search narrows the field of candidates to a highly select group of professional developers who match your desired skill set.

No more sifting through 100s of IT companies who happen to check a box. Every company listed on FFD specializes in FileMaker and the surrounding areas of expertise, even more importantly, each one is here to help you take that next step forward, help you grow your business, help you get the job done!

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