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There is no doubt the internet has shown its success and profitability when connecting people with professional services; the market is saturated with sites dedicated to finding your next big career break. But take your pick, not one of these top professional “career” or “listing” sites (even those more narrowly focused on IT) is effective at sourcing FileMaker-centric professionals. These sites tout thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of listings as active and available, yet it still remains difficult, time consuming and down-right frustrating to source talent whose primary skill set is in fact FileMaker. Bottom line, if the site fails to provide the basic service of connecting a person seeking FileMaker talent with a FileMaker professional, the numbers and the site itself are rendered meaningless.

Chances are, right now your professional profile, even your company web site, is lost in the sea of more generalized jack-of-all-trade IT “results” -- leaving your company, and your skills overlooked and unread.

The ability of the Internet to connect people is truly incredible, but we knew there had to be a better way, there needed to be a better way to find FileMaker developers. So we isolated the principles of what works, added a pinch of ingenuity and tossed out the rest.

On FFD we’ve eliminated the noise, streamlined the direction, and created a clean-cut no nonsense site focused (very clearly) on three major points:

1) Expanding business opportunities for professional FileMaker Pro developers and expanding the use and reach of FileMaker Pro databases in organizations large and small.
2) Promoting You, the individuals who make magic happen every time they launch FileMaker  from their desktop
3) Providing an easy, efficient and effective means of connecting talent seekers with “right” talent

Admittedly, there are no algorithms and no complex formulas. FFD is based on a simple, uncomplicated equation and we know it. We’re FileMaker developers on a mission: to provide a place where talented FileMaker developers can shine, and shine brightly in their respective skill sets. Because we’re developers we have the added bonus of speaking the language. We know showcasing a shallow set of watered-down skills isn’t the answer. We know how to focus on what counts (at least as it relates to the world of FileMaker) and we know not all developers are created equal. When connecting people with the “right” FileMaker professional, we know there are niche categories within the FileMaker development arena that are extremely important to highlight. Our goal is to ensure each developer listed on FFD is served-up full strength, robust and extra bold. Unlike other “career” or “listing” sites, we know FileMaker developers because we are FileMaker developers, just like you. All that said, we want to get your skills front and center, paving the way to your next big break!

The single source dedicated to promoting FileMaker Developers, in the neighboring town, across the nation and around the globe.

Powerful & Comprehensive FREE Search
Powerful & Comprehensive, Simple FREE Search

Search on zip/postal code radius*, certification, skills, country, etc. Results based strictly on information listed in the professional profile. No weighted results


100% Personalized
100% Personalized. 100% All About You. Every profile will feature:


  • • A rich detailed business synopsis -- including all pertinent company details, locales and contacts. No caps. No restrictions. (Package dependent. 3+ locales requires "The Firm" Package)
  • Your strengths, front and center. Your profile is a place where every skill, certification, accreditation, etc will be emphasized. We know it has taken precious time (and money) to hone your skills and we understand their value is paramount.
  • Personalized Ad Space -- New Product? New service? New Offering? A personalized ad may be uploaded to your profile and subsequently viewed by potential prospects
  • Custom graphics — Upload your logos, work samples, etc
  • Downloadable vcard — Available to any/all prospects for future reference (Available for primary contact only)
  • All your professional profiles together under one "roof" -- FFD is here to compliment not compete with your existing professional profiles and affiliations, that's why we have a place to share all your professional details like your web site(s), FileMaker FBA listing, FMPug PawFolio, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
  • • "Friendly URL" is available for each profile making it simple and easy (for everyone) to remember and reference.
  • Complete Control — Everything from the information listed on your profile down to the contact with the prospective client, the devilish details will always remain in your control. Who else should man the helm than the person(s) who stand to gain (or conversely, lose) the most?!

Know who's searching and how your company is being sourced -- search details will be provided two ways

  • Your FFD Profile page will display the 20 most recent key word searches that resulted in your company being returned
  • Weekly reports detailing the hits for your company will be emailed directly to your inbox!

Emergency AidBe hired instantly

  • Use the Emergency Aid link to show the world you're available for immediate short-term hire.
  • Update your availability from ANY web-enabled device or via a web viewer in your active FileMaker Pro database. Consider it our "Click and be hired" link!

100% PersonalizedUse the site yourself to source superior talent for a given project.


  • Make the process seamless by creating your own personalized, custom RSS feed.
  • Capture the select number of companies (based on the given criteria) and let the system do the work for you. The RSS reader will continuously monitor the list for changes, updates and/or new additions. It's dynamic, real-time and requires no additional effort!

Single Sign OnEnjoy the ease of a single log-in between the FMPug and FFD sites

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