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Weekly Statistics Report for week ending 6th September 2008

Hi Andy. The profile performance for DnG Design & Development, Inc. is listed below.

Top 10 Performing Keywords

Data based on 150 keyword searches that returned your profile during the specified period. Profile Result

Profile views

You had 66 Profile Views this week. 88% of these were from the searches above with the remaining being direct views of your profile without performing a search.

Direct views can come from links on your site to your profile page, from cached pages on the search engine sites such as or from the FMPug home page. All members who are 9 certified and are members of now have links direct to your FindFileMakerDeveloper profiles.

Top 10 Keyword Results Not In Your Profile

Data based on 453 keyword searches that did not return your profile during the specified period. Profile Result

All data excludes searches made by search engine spiders, bots & crawlers. Charts do not show all keywords.