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Jul 4th 2013



Chicago, Philadelphia, San Mateo

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Calling all DevCon attendees... we're interviewing!

During DevCon 2013, we're cordially inviting you to come test out your FM chops with our brief FM skills test: how fast can you debug a function, how quickly can you write a script, what approach do you take to move around a set of data? Please stop one of us -- we'll be wearing Soliant name tags. We are eager to meet you and encourage you to apply regardless of your experience level.

We have a hearty pipeline of FM work coming in the door right now, and we are looking to grow. We want you to be a part of this exciting opportunity! We have positions open at any seniority level, ranging from Tech Lead, Sr. Developer, Developer and Subcontractor, across all three of our locations: Chicago, Philly and Bay Area. We're also considering applications from remote developers as well!

Bring along a resume and/or business card if you can. We will plan on quickly reviewing your materials during a brief conversation at the booth, and if we have time, we'll ask you to peel off with one of our developers and take a condensed version of our FM skills test. We'll enjoy watching how you work, and hopefully you'll learn a new trick or two!

We'd love to have you be part of our "rolodex" and look forward to meeting you.

Interviewing for Four Levels

  • Tech Lead
  • Sr. Developer
  • Developer
  • Subcontractor

Four Locations

  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia Area
  • Bay Area
  • Remote developer

How to Apply

  • Bring your resume to one of us at DevCon
  • Allow a little time to take our skills test





Analyze Needs

Sharpening your solid experience as a consultant, you’ll analyze client needs and develop customized solutions.

Implement Solutions

Drawing from your database development chops (or your ability to ramp up quickly), you’ll help design and implement quality FileMaker applications for our clients.

Deliver Value

As a reliable self-starter who likes helping people, you’ll deliver significant value for appreciative clients, and you’ll feel proud as you help dramatically improve your clients’ businesses.

Manage Deliverables

With your keen attention to detail and ability to monitor progress, you’ll help your team – project managers, technical leads and developers – manage the timeline, features and budget.

Share Best Practices

As a collaborative team-player, you’ll work alongside other developers, improving the common pool of knowledge, discovering and sharing best practices.

Grow Your Talents

Building off of your natural curiosity, you’ll improve your skills each year and collaborate with technology communities.



How To Apply:

Send your resume to Bill Bennett

Company: Soliant Consulting
Contact: Bill Bennett
Telephone: 3128503830
Email: jobs@soliantconsulting.com


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